Anibal Gomescasseres


Born Cartagena, he studied art at the Academia Superior de Artes in Bogota. He has participated in important international exhibitions. His work is characterized by the use of industrial materials, biological elements, and intelligent lighting systems, making them the interactive world, to reach discordant themes. The artist is constantly concerned to unveil contradictory factors introduced by the market system, which allow the satisfaction of the ego over important priorities, such as the relationship of the individual with the environment and the expansion of knowledge. The unconsciousness in our consumerist repercussions and the change of human perception guided by the intermediation of reality through technological sources becomes a theme that travels from the figurative to more abstract concepts.


1999-2006.  Plástic and Visual  Arts.
Superior Academy  Arts of Bogotá.
Francisco José de Caldas, Distrit University.



2022. Sinusoidal Conversations Adrian Ibañez Gallery.

2021. Microgenesis, La Cometa Gallery.

2019. Progressive Interpolation, Espacio Continuo Gallery.

2018. Digipop, Arte Loft, Medellin.

2015. Infographics of capitalism, BEA Gallery.

2014. Artificial Nature-BEA Gallery.

2013. Media Landscapes La Cometa Gallery.

2012. Luminous Atmosphere. La Cometa Gallery.

2012. Dreams. Gallery Tokyo Japan.

2011. ON/OFF El Garaje Gallery

2010. Artificial Satisfaction. Cardioinfantil Foundation.

2009. ANTI ANALOGUE. Casa Cuadrada Gallery.



2021. Transition towards a planetary civilization.

Bank of the Republic Museum.

2020. Mikróm Hoffman House.

2020. Etropic Symbiosis, Pereira Museum of Arts.

2016. Group exhibition La Cometa Gallery.

2015. Blank canvas Gallery Wynwood Miami.

2014. Underground Lacometa Gallery

2013. Encounters, Beatriz Esguerra Art Consultants, Bogota.

2012. December, Brand New Eugene Gallery, Korea.

2011. La Cometa Gallery Collection.

2011. La Cometa Gallery.

2010. Dismember, Art Fusion, Design District Miami.

2010. Body Cult. El Garaje Gallery.

2010. National Salon of Young Art Diversity.



2019. Barcú, Casa Cuadrada Gallery

2017. Feria del Millón.

2014. Artbo Beatris Esguerra.

2014. Synchrony (Infographics of capitalism).

2014. Art Wynwood Miami

2013. Barranquillarte.

2012. Sincronía Bogotá.

2012. Affordable Art Fair New York Manhattan.

2012. Art Korea, Seoul "La Cometa Gallery

2012. Art-Shanghai, La Cometa Gallery Shanghai-China.

2010. Art Basel Miami, Art fusion Gallery.